Pirate Baby Boy Shower

These are from the baby shower I hosted for my sister today!

My very first ever Diaper Pirate Ship!

It has over 170+ Diapers!


This that I got to throw the party. 

Photo Booth with the iPad. 

Table decor was buckets with gold and black table cloths covered in fish nets. 

The food and gift tables 

And for the kids 

Wishes for baby and other decor

Organic Green Baby is in full swing!

So after my cloth Diaper wreath is done I have been working hard on all organic but eco friendly diaper wreaths. Complete with organic diapers, baby products and even made on a biodegradable wreath frame tied with twine. I have finally had a chance to finish the baby boy one and now i am getting to work on the baby girl. 

Here is the baby boy:

Once I finish them both I will post them for sale in my shop! 

Enjoy y’all!

💗 Poeticweeone